The first block

  1. Try out different kind of restaurants.
  2. Japan uses Plug Type A (Which is the same as USA).
  3. Take advantage of the TAX-FREE shops (You have to bring your passport).
  4. Bring or buy a Dictionary (Your phone connection might not work or might be very expensive).
  5. Respect the smoking area’s (They are very strict on this, specially in Tokyo).

The second block

  1. Don’t expect Japanese people to speak English.
  2. The price including TAX is mostly written in small text (just like this).
  3. Check if the shop requires to take off shoes (This is mostly seen by the wooden seperation).
  4. Use the “Call Button” to call out a waiter.
  5. Use “Sumimasen” to call out a waiter when there is no button.

The third block

  1. Search “kaitenzushi” for cheap and fun sushi restaurants.
  2. Bring a Mastercard or VISA. And know where to use it.
  3. Post Offices are marked with JP Post (日本郵便).
  4. Take a break from the city.
  5. Use tools like booking.com to compare rates.

The fourth block

  1. Use convenience stores or supermarkets to find budget meals (Which are discounted after 8 p.m.).
  2. Tipping is not appropriate in Japan.
  3. Use 100 yen shops to find cheap essential items.
  4. Use “Sumimasen” when approaching someone for a question.
  5. Buy a JR Pass before arriving in Japan.

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